Cialis vs Viagra

So which are better Cialis vs Viagra? Only you can decide.

Viagra and Cialis side effects

Cialis vs Viagra

Viagra vs cialis are two of the most effective drug treatments for erectile dysfunction. But what kind of drugs better what kind of medication is best to use.

Unlike Viagra, Cialis isn’t affected by alcohol consumption and the foods you eat does not lessen its efficacy.

This medicine begins to work in as little as a floor of hour and lasts within 36 hours. This is 9 times longer than its immediate rival, Viagra.

Cialis 20mg gives you the full freedom to be intimate with your sexual partner whenever the time is right; there is no necessity to schedule sex with this pill.

This remedy works for longer and faster compared to other drug for treatment erectile dysfunction. Pill begins working during a half an hour and lasts as long as 36 hours. Therefore, with these 2 attributes you do not need to plan sex around when you use a single pill. You may spontaneously respond when at you and your partner to appear the mood. This is the reason medicine people are referred to as the ‘weekend pill’.

Like Viagra, Cialis 20 mg isn’t affected by food. When you use this drug it isn’t needful to avoid fat dishes as you would with other treatments of impotence. As well alcohol may be consumed prior to using it, but should only be used in moderation.

Tadalafil is the active component in Cialis medicine and gets to work within 30 minutes. If we compare viagra vs cialis, Cialis acts quickly to 2 times, confirmation of this fact you can find in cialis reviews. You may expect the effects of the medical product will last till 36 o’clock, offering you a perfected amount of convenience and flexibility.

This medicine works by inhibiting the enzyme of PDE-5 in the penis patient which controls blood flow. When a patient is sexually aroused, enzyme called cGMP is produced, which influences blood vessels in a penis, widening them, allowing the man to maintain and achieve an erection.

This medication in available in 2 various doses: 10 mg and 20 mg. The cialis dosage relates to the number of the active component tadalafil in each tablet. If you have never taken a treatment’s erectile dysfunction before, you are advised to begin with the 10 mg dose to avoid complications and to make sure that the medicinal agent is the right choice for you. Besides, if you are dissatisfied with the lower dosage, you should first consult the physician before changing to a more high dose.

Cialis 20mg is swallowed whole in pill form. The medicine may be taken with fatty foods or alcohol; these factors will not reduce efficacy this drug.

You should tell your personal health care specialist about all the medications you use particularly if you take:

  1. -           alpha blockers, which often prescribed for problems of prostate ;
  2. -           medications, which called “nitrates”, these drugs are often prescribed for chest pain;
  3. -           antifungal medications or medications for HIV;
  4. -           blood pressure medications;
  5. -           treatments for erectile dysfunction or other medications;
  6. -           erythromycin.

As well Cialis medicine is marketed as ADCIRCA drug for the pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment. Don’t use both ADCIRCA and this ED remedy. Don’t take sildenafil citrate with Tadalafil.

Don’t drink too much alcohol when using ED drugs. If you drinking too much alcohol, this may increase your chances to receive a headache or getting dizzy, lowering your blood pressure or  increasing your heart rate.

The most common Cialis side effects are:  indigestion, headache, muscle aches, back pain, flushing, and runny nose and stuffy. These side effects basically go away after a few hours. People who get muscle aches and back pain commonly get it 12 to 24 hours after using the ED remedy. Muscle aches and back pain and generally go away within two days. You should call your healthcare provider prior if you have any Cialis side effect that one that doesn’t go away or bothers you.

Uncommon but very serious side effects comprise:  An erection that won’t go away. Consequently, if you get an erection, which lasting more than four hours, seek medical help straightway to avoid long-term harm.

In rare instances, patients using prescription ED pills, reported a sudden loss or decrease of hearing or vision(sometime with dizziness and ringing in the ears). It is not probable to determine if these occurrences are related directly to the ED pills or to other factors. You should stop taking any ED pill, including Cialis 20mg and report your personal physician immediately, if you have a sudden loss or decrease of hearing or vision.

This isn’t a full list of all Cialis side effects that may happen. If you have any questions about side effects, contact your personal health care specialist. Call the physician for medical advice about side effects.

  • If you still have doubts, you can carefully study cialis reviews.

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